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License Renewal Application

Renewal Information


  • NEVADA HAS NO GRACE PERIOD FOR RENEWALS - A licensee whose license becomes delinquent or expires may NOT engage in the practice of social work until the license has been renewed or restored.
  • Nevada has no "inactive" status, licenses must be renewed annually.

Completed renewal applications and fees must be received by December 31, 2023 to be considered timely. A late fee will be assessed for all renewals received after February 29, 2023. After February 29, 2023 the license becomes "delinquent".

See for more information and fees associated with renewals, delinquent licenses and restoration of a license.


  • $125.00 for Social Worker (LSW) or Associate in Social Work (LASW)
  • $187.50 for Clinical (LCSW) and Independent (LISW)

While you are in the renewal process please do NOT use the back button in your browser. If at any time you wish to exit the renewal process, please click the "Exit" button located at the bottom of the page.


Please login to the renewal form below, remember to include the hyphen in the license number. Example: 1234-C